#SavvySpotlight – LaborVoices

c/o LaborVoices

c/o LaborVoices













Passionate about ethical labor practices for your super cool clothing? Then you should check out and support LaborVoices!

LaborVoices provides global brands and their supply chains what has been missing: an early warning system based on direct feedback from workers, by repeatedly polling workers through their mobile phones. We help our customers obtain strong safety standards and decent working conditions, empowering workers through their own voices.

They are this week’s honorary #SavvySpotlight for 2 main reasons:

1) They offer an innovative approach leveraging mobile tech to give a safe voice for factory workers.

2) They work closely with brands and factory owners to gain early detection of unfair or unsafe labor conditions so that they do not turn into HUGE and costly issues later on.

So next time your sustainable fashion company begins sourcing a factory to manufacture thatĀ super-hipster, slightly over priced fringe vest you are launchingĀ for Coachella, ask yourself “WWLVD?” [What Would LaborVoices Do?]


Stay Sustainably Chic,

-Savvy Squad