Trying To Stop Climate Change? Leo’s Oscar Win Is The Way

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c/o Global Citizen


In case you have been hibernating in the farthest reaches of the mountains with a severe lack of social media, history was made on Sunday at the annual Academy Awards. Our forever man crush, Leonardo DiCaprio became the 2016 Oscar Winner for Best Actor. (Cue insane applause and pan flute rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”).

We won’t go into the details as to why this is a HUGE milestone for his career, but  instead, let’s focus on the coolest part of his speech. DiCaprio took the stage and made a bold statement,

 “Climate change is real. It’s happening right now.”

He used this platform, with the estimated 30 million viewers, eagerly listening to spotlight one of his passions, stopping climate change.

Leo’s passion for saving the earth and his dreamy eyes, are giving people like you a great window to boost your work, create more impact and support others, that thanks to him, are just starting to believe in climate change. Here are a few steps in which you can make our favorite actor of the year a force for your organization’s marketing strategy:

  • Share the speech!  

Use his content to draw eyes to your content, share his speech on your social media, this is the first step, because to be honest, who doesn’t want to see Leo wearing a tux over and over again.

  • Bring out your own content and link it 

Now is the time to get out your content marketing weapons. Research, reports, past and present work. Bring it out and create content from it that you can post on your website, social media and share with people who have collaborated on creating it. The catch? You have to link it to some of Leo’s work or even public appearances talking about climate change. For example: Leo said “Climate Change is real” we say “We agree because: here are the numbers we found that prove he’s telling the truth.”

  • Place CTA’S

CT… what’s? CTA’s, call to action buttons that get people from you very interesting Leo related content to donate, share, subscribe to your email list or whatever action you wish. This is crucial to meet your marketing goal.

  • Place the right links

Link your content to his website and other relatable pages, related to climate change. Using reputable links does wonders for your SEO as the magic of the interwebs use them to validate the quality of your content.

  • Power your social media

Mention him on the relevant content that relates to the work that he is doing, you might even get retweeted! Mention him and his organization. Leverage relevant hash tags like #KeepItInTheGround if you are discussing ways to support climate change and counter big oil. Perk: build up your Facebook audience of passionate environment lovers with tips like this one.

  • Bonus

If you need some extra cash you can apply for one of his grants!  DiCaprio has supported over 65+ organizations and awarded over $30 Million in grants since he created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998. As if we needed more reason to love this gent.

Leo sure has helped us environment lovers this week, let’s give something back to the universe in return. Sign this Global Citizen petition that focuses on calls on the UK to protect marine wildlife, a crucial step to combat climate change (as you already know).

So now you know, go share, go market, go save the oceans. Who know’s? Maybe even fish out that necklace Rose tossed into the ocean in the end…that can’t be good for the environment, right?


Ciao for now,

-Savvy Squad