Wrapping up a Savvy Summer!


At Savvy, we always like to have creative, awesome people to work with us on special projects. Fiorella and Nicole, our Social Media Ninja and Research Wizard respectively, were those two awesome people this past summer!

Their drive and determination to learn how to leverage marketing to empower social enterprises was invigorating to say the least and they totally, understood our sometimes crazy/silly/OMG we are changing the world attitude while working together over coffee and early Friday morning meetings. They worked hard and leveraged their expertise to help support a pro-bono project we are working on for the Filipino social enterprise called Invisible Sisters, that helps empower women and support the environment through the sale of unique accessories.  We asked them to write about their experience at Savvy as their last mini-project which you can read below. We are grateful for them and for their ability to put up with an ever-changing project, thanks for being fan-freakin-tastic ladies!


c/o Invisible Sisters 

We had the immense pleasure working with Savvy Marketing For Good from May to August 2015. None of us had ever worked in a startup before and we were impressed by the hard work and the commitment they had to their different projects. They truly embody a great correlation between marketing and standing up for a good cause. The girls from Savvy do all of that without losing their humor. We had a lot of freedom to structure our projects while our work was recognized and constructive feedback was always provided immediately. Savvy was very flexible regarding our school schedule and projects which helped us to balance school and work very well.

Through our project we realized that working for a social cause is not easy and it needs someone to believe in it. Working with Diana and Hilda, helped us to understand that hard work pays off and to always see the bigger picture by not getting frustrated of rejections.

We want to thank the whole team for this great opportunity and the experience. We enjoyed our time a lot and we wish Savvy all the best for their future by always keeping up their smiles and humor.

By Nicole & Fiorella

What did we learn? That passionate individuals come from all walks of life and no matter what the experience we can all learn from each other! Today, Fiorella and Nicole are Master’s graduates from Hult International Business School and we are sure they are going to continue on a path of awesomeness!

-The Savvy Squad

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